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There are many ways you can introduce yoga into your life.

Retreats + Immersions

Special and unique offerings, our retreats combine the practise with lifestyle for a completely immersive and transformative experience.  The perfect time to take a breather from everyday demands, explore your yoga practise and build beautiful connections with your retreat family!  

Yoga Teacher Trainings

An intensive and in-depth course for those of you interested in becoming a fully accredited yoga teachers and transforming your practice. We teach Alignment based Vinyasa, exploring smart actions and intelligent movement, with a strong focus on relating the practise and philosophy of yoga to the art of living. 

Workshops + Events

The space to break down and explore different aspects of the practise. Covering areas ranging from Asana (physical practise), Movement, Meditation and Pranayama (breath) to Myofascial release and the Art of Relaxation, workshops are a great opportunity to deepen your understanding and develop your practise in a safe, supportive and interactive environment!

Regular Classes

In various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Roll & Release, and Yin. Classes are adapted to the needs of the practitioners, with a focus on sustainable, intelligent practise. Always with the intention of assisting you to a state of balance, physiologically, mentally and energetically. Each class incorporates an element of Meditation and Pranayama. 

Meet Clare

Inspiring people to find joy, passion and contentment in life.
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Clare has a passion for studying and sharing yoga, seeing the practice as a space for self exploration and observation. She strongly believes in the transformational nature of the yoga journey for all practitioners.
For Clare, yoga is a beautiful practice which is diverse and adaptable, and able to embrace students from all walks of life. From nurturing a sense of wellbeing and connection, to realigning and conditioning the physical body, the practice can be adapted for the needs of each unique practitioner.
Clare’s teaching draws influence from studying with teachers in both Australia and India. It has a strong emphasis on preventing injury and developing a sustainable, aware practice through mindful movement and effective alignment.
Above all else, it is Clare’s aim to inspire students to find joy and expression within their practise and develop a union between body, mind and soul. Ultimately to find a sense of joy, ease, peace and contentment in life.

Completed Workshops

Stay tuned for upcoming 2021 workshops!

Understanding Alignment Foundations

Sat 14th, April: 2pm - 3.30pm

In this Asana based workshop we will explore a range of fundamental postures in detail, to find safe, effective alignment. This workshop is perfect for those starting out on their yoga journey, or those wanting to develop a more detailed understanding of the Asanas.

Restore Mind & Body Balance

Sat 14th, April: 4pm - 5:30pm

In this Yin style workshop we will surrender to the demands of the physical and mental body to wind down.
Nourishing the body through pranayama (breathing exercises) and a yin practice, we will also take time to reflect through guided meditation, and understand the importance of practising correct savasana.

Intro to Meditation

Sat 19th, October: 1pm - 3pm

The world of meditation is very large, very deep and at times confusing - many different ways, paths, types and styles of practise. The intention in this workshop is to simplify and set the foundations for you to begin an applicable and beneficial meditation practise in normal daily life.

Together, we’ll wrap some context and understanding around the practise of ‘Meditation’. Then, we’ll focus on learning ‘how’ to meditate, including position, simple techniques, what to do & what not to do... There’ll be plenty of room for questions, queries and conversation.

A practical, simple and enjoyable introduction to the powerful practise of Meditation!


Kind Words

Absolutely loved Clare's class. I have a regular practice & experience with different teachers & styles. I walked away from class feeling like I'd touched on everything, I felt complete, supple & ready to conquer the day! Youthful but plenty of knowledge & ability to guide the varying abilities of those attending the class. I'll be back! 

Scarlett Duncan Founder of DOSE Running, Australia

Clare is an incredible teacher and mentor. She holds a wealth of knowledge and shares it in a very easy to understand way. I never doubted that my success and learning was important to her during teacher training. She encouraged me every day. Clare is wise well beyond her years and a shining example of what I strive to be.

Corne Wittman YTT Graduate, Australia

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